Barometer DIVISADERO – IE Business School 2017 | State of Digital Maturity in Spain


Barometer DIVISADERO – IE Business School 2017 | State of Digital Maturity in Spain

Every year at DIVISADERO, we have performed a visualization exercise focused on the state of digital maturity of the most important companies in Spain.
The aim of this barometer was two-fold: on the one hand, to generate a state of the art commercial audit of our client type (IBEX35, Fortune 500) and, on the other hand, to satisfy our incurable need to cultivate knowledge and observe each digital trend close up.

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In May of 2016, we boldly published this report for the first time, taking advantage of an initiative offered by Roland Berger and Siemens Spain, under the title: “Spain 4.0 | The challenge of digitally transforming the economy”. This was our incentive for activating our responsibility to share knowledge.

This new edition of the DIVISADERO Barometer 2017 is proof of how our internal research exercise transformed into an exercise in sharing what we learn periodically. And the push to do so has had a lot to do with the IE Business School. We would like to express our gratitude to them for joining this research project and for sharing their exceptional and strategic business world perspective.

In this 2017 edition we review our sectorial thermometers in order to check on the degree of digital maturity for the various verticals of the Spanish economy and, in addition, we have introduced something new.


We hope to have been able to answer many of the questions that may be raised by digital professionals, executives of all types of business management, as well as investigators and academicians concerning the challenges involved in the digital transformation of the Spanish economy.

With the next annual edition in mind, we would like to leave the field work open to widen the sample size and to be able to offer a point of view beyond that of digital professionals, who today make up most of the base of those surveyed in this edition. In other words, and as we say at DIVISADERO, we would like to put the data to work, #PutYourDataToWork, from the start of 2017 and with the 2018 edition of the Barometer in mind.

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